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Day 8: Hollie’s Challenge – Hundreds

posted on Friday, 5th September 2014 | find under Tamara, Fitness
Not only is SB Ambassador Hollie Grant one of the best Pilates instructors in London, but she is also the challenger behind day 8 of Get Fit 4 Free. Don't forget to join in with Calgary Avansino's sugar-free challenge today too.

Hollie wears the Energise Run Capris and Athlete Run Vest.

Never heard of ‘hundreds’? Read on for Hollie’s demonstration of her challenge, plus she reveals the body-sculpting benefits of this move and guidelines for how long you should be aiming for.

And if you head into your local boutique today to do your challenge you will receive a free gift!

Islington Boutique Ambassador Hollie Grant 

Hollie’s ‘hundreds’ challenge…

Why ‘hundreds’?
“Hundreds are the ultimate Pilates exercise. They build endurance in the abdominal muscles because you hold the position for as long as possible, and can be adapted to be made easier or harder by simply changing the position of your feet (bent knees and feet on the floor is easier, or for the harder option, have your legs straight and raised at 45 degrees from the floor). This exercise also strengthens the hip flexors and the Latissimus Dorsi (‘Lats’), and can be performed by anyone no matter what their fitness level.”

What benefits do ‘hundreds’ deliver in toning the body?
“This exercise can seriously flatten the stomach. By building strength and endurance into the Rectus Abdominis (6-pack abs), the muscles shorten over time hence pulling in a usually-domed belly. It can also help to tone the arms (add in some light handweights to challenge the Deltoids) and improve posture by activating the deep core muscles. Improved posture means a leaner, taller looking figure.”

Approximately how long should beginner/intermediate/advanced be able to do ‘hundreds’ for?
Beginners - between 10-15 secs or approximately 20-30 arm pumps.
Intermediate - 15-30 secs or approximately 30-60 arm pumps.
Advanced - 30-60 secs or approximately 60-120 arm pumps.
Don't forget to do the sugar-free challenge today, then it's time to move onto the day 9 challenge.
Inspiration Thru Perspiration
By Rhondahun - 8th September 2014
Challenge Accepted!!
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