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holiday time?

posted on Saturday, 26th December 2009 | find under Fitness

Running on holidays always make me feel like a hard core runner! I was the sole runner out on christmas eve...or so it felt. It was 6.30am and what i thought was rain turned out to be freezing rain. My top became not only wet but eventually frozen solid on my body. I also got lost and ran 3 miles in the wrong direction only to be put back on track by a friendly dog walker. Whilst everyone else saw the day as a chance to relax to me it was just another day and that means that training simply does not stop. Yesterday was the same and as i was at my parents house i of course took on the hill challenge....and did 15laps!!! Finally the elusive 15 was mine again. Yesterday i ate the same as every other day no more and no less. Thats the difference i suppose when you have a training goal in mind. It gives you a bigger picture, a reason to run in every weather, a reason to get up even earlier. I dont want to sacrifice what i am doing. So yes it does make me a little boring at times to those that dont understand but to me its worth it.

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