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'HIIT It Up' with top NYC instructor Liz Barnet

posted on Monday, 7th April 2014 | find under Tamara, Fitness, Nutrition
High Intensity Interval Training is the hottest fitness trend of the moment, and will be arriving in Sweaty Betty Soho on 12th April in an exclusive 'HIIT It Up' class taught by one of NYC's top instructors, Liz Barnet. A Fitness & Food Coach who teaches in popular boutique studios SLT & Uplift, Liz is passionate about a wide range of workouts from Pilates and yoga to weight training and corrective exercise. 

Sweaty Betty caught up with Liz to find out more about her workout routine plus what makes her 'HIIT It Up' class extra-effective at sculpting the physique.

Talk us through your weekly workout routine...

"I try to vary my routine from week to week, to keep both my mind and body interested. My workout schedule is made up of one or two HIIT workouts and a weekly cycling class at Flywheel. Each week, I will also do 1-2 classes at SLT, which is basically an extreme version of Reformer Pilates, plus a hot Vinyasa yoga class. With so many studios to try in New York, I also try to check out at least one fitness studio per week that I've never tried before. At the weekends, I will often go for a long run along the East or Hudson River. I'm running several half marathons over the next few months to raise money for colon cancer, so now the weather is warming up, it's time to get training! 

On top of this, I also teach 4 classes a week at Uplift Studios, plus private client sessions. Even though I spend parts of each class adjusting clients' technique rather than taking part myself, it is still a killer workout! On Tuesday nights, I teach 3 classes in a row."

You are teaching the 'HIIT It Up' class on 12th April, but what makes your HIIT workout unique?

"HIIT is a hot trend in the fitness industry these days and for good reason - it's time efficient, effective for several different goals, and works up a good sweat! This HIIT class is different for two reasons: I designed it for the participant to be able to complete without any equipment at all, so it's appropriate for home or travel. Second, the class incorporates 3 distinct strength-focused sections, plus two Tabata intervals, plus core work to finish. This ensures the body is working in all planes of motions and doesn't overuse one set of muscles, which enhances results and keeps your body safe and functioning optimally.

HIIT training has been proven to not only enhance cardiovascular capacity, but lead to gains in strength, power, and agility. I love adding in a HIIT treadmill session at the beginning of my workouts to really torch calories and work up a good sweat."

Is the class suitable for those new to this form of training?

"Absolutely, this class is suitable for both beginners and seasoned veterans. I offer modifications to make exercises more doable, as well as offering ways to increase the intensity for the ultra-fit."

Specifically what exercises are included in the 'HIIT It Up' class?

"In this 40-minute class, I've included many tried-and-tested exercises like squats, lunges, push-ups, and planks but always with a twist (sometimes literally!) There's lots of moving in multiple directions to hit all muscle groups, adding holds and pulses to really feel the burn, plus plyometric variations of your favorite exercises."


Designed to sculpt and tone the physique, this inspirational instructor will be teaching her high-energy HIIT class in our Soho, NY boutique on Saturday 12th April from 9:30am. To book your place, call (646) 386-7003.

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