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Guest instructor evening with Former Gladiator Wayne Gordon

posted on Friday, 14th January 2011 | find under 
Our 125 Kings Road boutique was full again on Wednesday as former Gladiator and Olympic level bobsleigher Wayne Gordon showed those lucky enough to get a place a master class in controlling the core.

The girls knew they were in for an intense class when Wayne warned them there was a penalty of ‘5 in the bag’ for anyone standing with their arms crossed, hands on their hips or with their feet facing out throughout the session.

The evening saw the participants complete a range of exercise which challenged their core control, Wayne taught the participants the importance of a strong core and how it can improve posture and reduce any lower back pain. The evening was a great success and everyone was left excited for the next Guest Instructor Evening.

get fit 4 free with Wayne Gordon

get fit 4 free with Wayne Gordon

get fit for free with Wayne Gordon
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