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Great outdoors. Great workout results.

posted on Friday, 22nd October 2010 | find under 

SO it's officially nine weeks and one day until Christmas!  And I should know given that my internal sproglet is getting pretty big now and is officially due nine weeks today.

Now I'm well aware that whilst I'm busily painting nurseries, attending parent craft classes and switching my high energy workouts for water workouts, the rest of the world is preparing for Christmas parties and little black dresses. So if you have a shape up goal for Christmas and your motivation is waining I've got some fabulous motivational tips to get you into the great outdoors.

It's the perfect time of year for hitting the streets and parks with your workouts, especially if your bank balance is afraid of the pinch of Christmas or perhaps Mr Osborne's budget cuts.

Just a few reasons to take your training outside:

Get a free facial!  I know I've said this before but no makeup can mimic the rosy cheeked, bright eyed effects of a brisk workout in the autumn chill.  The cool air on your face will encourage blood flow to the skin, which is fantastic for those of us who suffer with the occasional grown up pimple.  If you get a sweat on you'll get a great deep cleanse too, so long as you take your makeup off before you put your trainers on.

Get in some Vitamin D.  There isn't much of it about at this time of year but exposing your skin to the sun (when it's out) will boost your vital vitamin D levels.  And if you suffer from SAD as the nights draw in, any light will boost your energy levels and your mood.

Fight cellulite.  This is probably my favourite training tip EVER.  Cellulite is a build up of fat near the surface of your skin. One of the reasons it sticks around (literally) is because we don't get much blood to the area to flush it out. When you run or train in cold air, you're more likely to get blood flow to the skin's surface - ever had pink, itchy skin after a chilly workout?  Now we're not talking over night here but you will notice a difference if you get out in the cold.

Burn more calories than a run on the treadmill.  Again it's the cold that matters here.  You'll burn on average 10% more calories if you train in the cold as your body works harder to raise your body temperature.

Wear cuter outfits!  Yes, it's true.  Layer up those lovely Sweaty Betty tights, thermal layers and running tops to brighten up everyone else's day too.

Oh and whilst we're still on cute outfits, I finally picked up my lovely new Fitflop boots yesterday!  So, so snuggly and gorgeous. If you want a pair you'll have to get in now since I know they run out really fast xx


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