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Going the distance...You need to be strong to run long!

posted on Thursday, 11th March 2010 | find under 

Cooeee, it's nearing marathon time for those doing London!! Eek!! I'm doing it this year too, and so are a lot of the clients at our studio. As the distances lengthen, guess what else is increasing...INJURIES!!!!! So ladies, I'm not gonna lie, despite running it myself, the marathon is one long-ass race! So whilst you would assume that the training involves running and running and some more running, your little pins-es will start complaining from doing the same thing after a while. So you need to add a little squat and lunge love into your regime...it's those that will keep you going stronger for longer.

The problem with running is that most poeple think that you don't really need to do that much just to get out and do it. Which is what makes it so fabulous, but it's also what makes it dangerous if your body is not strong enough to do so. For the most part, this is less so if you do shorter distances, however the leg strength requirement really comes into play when you go on long runs. So be kind to yourselves girls, if you want to go the distance, make sure your legs are strong, or else there may be tears, big ouch-my-legs-are-injured-cos-I-never-lunge-or-squat tears!

I'll just take a moment to mention Jess Sample here. Jess won a fab comp on Sweaty Betty to win 6 months worth of personal training with me! When I found out Jess was also doing the London Marathon, we were instant BFFs!! Without wasting any more time, we worked some serious squats and lunges into Jess' programme. Jess completed a half-marathon last weekend in preparation for the marathon, and kicked some serious ass with a 1hour 42 minute time. For those of you not in the know. That time is mighty fine!! So there it is, the proof is in the pudding! Go Jess by the way, you're so awesome to work with!! xx


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