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Get fit for free with Sweaty Speed Sessions in Soho

posted on Friday, 26th July 2013 | find under Tamara, Fitness
Ever since opening the first boutique in Notting Hill, we have been running weekly classes in-store for members. The aim is to create thriving, fitness-loving communities in every boutique, and to date 30 of our boutiques are running 56 classes each week and counting. We now have a new addition to the club class schedule - Sweaty Speed Sessions at the Soho boutique, starting Wednesday 31 July. 
Already hosting weekly pilates and yoga classes, Soho’s Sweaty Speed Sessions will be a whole new breed of run club. While the current run clubs tend to be more low-key, relaxed and open to all levels, this one will focus on intermediate and advanced runners with a healthy dose of competition and ideal for people who really want work on improving their speed.

Meeting at the track at Regents Park Wednesdays at 6:30 – perfect for a post-work workout – the runners will take part in hour-long track sessions once a week for six weeks. Led by local run ambassadors who really know how to train, it’s the perfect opportunity to work on personal goals - at the end of the six weeks, the runners will take part in a local event to see how much they’ve improved in the six weeks.

The perfect forum to track running times, share results and keep up to date with the Soho Run Club community is their newly launched Soho Facebook Page which will be the hub of the Soho boutique providing all information on what is happening in the store.  If you aren’t London based, don’t worry: you don’t have to trek to Soho to get sweaty – each boutique offers fitness clubs and weekly classes where you can get fit for free.

If you are looking for other new ways to workout make sure you are signed up to our newsletter as the official announcement for our seasonal Get Fit For Free campaign is due in mid August.
Experienced Coaches
By Sweaty Betty - 1st August 2013
Our Ambassadors and Coaches are qualified fitness professionals. Rebecca, the Head Coach at Sweaty Speed Sessions, completed a Running Leadership Course with the England Athletics Association in addition to 10 years of running experience completing 11 marathons & half-marathons in addition to smaller races. If you want to get in touch for more details, like the Soho page at www.facebook.com/sweatybettysoho. We hope you can make it!
Running Groups
By Kerstin R. - 31st July 2013
Hi I'm interested in joining the sweaty speed sessions. It sounds great! You say this is for medium to advanced runners, which I see myself as and I think I'd really benefit from some guided speedwork, but I have a couple of questions. Can you tell me more about the people leading the sweaty speed sessions? What's their previous coaching experience? Are they qualified coaches? I've had bad experiences in the past with so called 'coaches' that haven't had any training in leading runners safely. Thanks!
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