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Get calorie counting out of your heads!

posted on Wednesday, 3rd February 2010 | find under 
Now I know that this might mean having to delete the code in your brain that you've had ever since you discovered that you might be carrying a little more junk in your trunk than you might like, that tells you, you need to watch your calories!! Boo hiss I say!!! So here's the thing. 1,000 calories worth of nutritious food, is better for you than 500 calories of diet drinks, low-fat microwave meals and fat-free muffins!! My darlings, there is always a trade off. And that trade-off us usually your health!! Incidentally, if you eat a diet of lean meat, fish, fruit and vegetables, your calories are going to be pretty low anyway. Does that mean your lips can never embrace a muffin again? Of course not!! The joy of packing most of your meals with the good stuff, is that you can treat yourself to the odd muffin here and there!!

I mentioned on Monday the 80/20 rule. That means eating well for 80% of the time, and then eating whatever it is you desire 20% of the time. Let's say you eat 3 main meals a day, and two snacks. That's 35 meals a week. Following the 80/20 rule that means that 7 of those meals, let's say 3 main meals, and 4 snacks, you can relax a little. All of a sudden, that seems like there's a lot less denial-of-self going on! Each treat if you like, counts as one of your seven cheat treats. Do you like the sound of that Betties!! Eating guilt-free!! 'Tis an amazing feeling I tell you. Sometimes you might even find yourself having just 4 of your 7 treats in a week! They don't carry over by the way, 7 per week is your limit!!

Anyway, for the rest of the week we are going to look at what a week of 7 relaxed meals might look like, just to give you a little Betty love. Valentines day looms after all!!

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