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Day 4: Fuel Your Workout With Naturally Sassy

posted on Wednesday, 3rd September 2014 | find under Nutrition
Day 4 into the 30 Day Sweat Challenge. You're starting to feel the burn but make sure that you're fuelling your body in the right way too. Guest blogger Saskia, of Naturally Sassy, shares some recipes for her favourite post-workout smoothies ...

Don't forget today is Hiitgirl challenge day - so be sure to complete the 30 minute Hiitgirl workout video.

Fuelling your body in the right way before and after, will help give you the strength and energy to push yourself to achieve the best you can, while actively working to build and repair. 

Juices and smoothies are a great way to get the nutrients that you need, not only to fuel your workout beforehand, but also to help your body recover afterwards.

Below you’ll find some of my favourite concoctions to help support your body as it grows stronger and stronger! I challenge you to fuel your workout with these liquid lovelies ... 

Get that stamina

Obviously, if you’re working out you need stamina. And the power player here is beetroot - trust me, it’s fabulous in juices!

Due to its wealth of nitrates, beets are one of the best things you can drink before you hit the gym. It’s also really cleansing and purifying to the blood and liver, supporting the detoxification process as you get all sweaty. And it has been shown to help recovery of muscles and joints. 

On top of that, beets are a powerful anti-inflammatory, containing a unique source of betaine, a nutrient that helps to protect cells, proteins and enzymes from environmental stress. It has also been shown to reduce internal inflammation, and prevent against numerous chronic diseases, such as cancer and heart disease. 

Beetroot, Apple and Ginger Juice 

Serves 1
2 Raw Beetroot bulbs
2 Large Carrots
1 Apple
A thumb nail size cube of ginger

1) Peal the ginger and the beetroot.
2) Put All the ingredients through a juicer. Mix with a spoon and pour into your glass!

Say goodbye to inflammation! 

Fighting inflammation in the body is so important when you’re working out. The initial ‘burn’ that you feel during your workout is from buildups of lactic acid, but if you’re suffering afterwards, you might have too much inflammation in your body. Eating anti-inflammatory foods as part of your every day routine is a great way to help keep this under control. But there are also amazing ways to boost this with juice infusions like  pineapple, carrot, ginger, and wheatgrass. 

Pineapple contains the protein- digesting enzyme bromelain, which aids the the digestive system, inhibiting the action of a number of inflammatory agents. It also helps to alleviate fluid retention which means recovery from injuries and surgery. When you eat or juice pineapple don’t remove the core as that is where the highest tore of bromelain is found. 

Carrots contain powerful antioxidants such as beta-carotene and Vitamin C, they boost our immunity and help fight internal inflammation in the body. I love adding ginger to my juices for an amazing sharp kick, that compliments the sweetness of the pineapple. Ginger is also a strong anti-inflammatory, and an incredible healer. Ginger also improves the absorption and assimilation of essential nutrients in the body, so it will help you to benefit even more from these wonderful foods!

Pineapple, Carrot, Ginger and Wheatgrass Juice

2 cups chopped pineapple
3 carrots
a thumb-nail size cube of ginger
Juice 1/2 lemon
1 tsp wheatgrass powder

Peal the ginger and put the pineapple, carrots and ginger through your juicer. Mix with juice of 1/2 a lemon.
If your using wheatgrass powder put the powder at the bottom of a cup and pour in a small drizzle of the juice, stir quickly to make a smooth paste before slowly pouring the rest of the juice in - stirring as you go.

Time to recover

One of the most powerful post-workout combinations is banana, almond butter and dates. This is probably why most people are so obsessed with it - you can totally feel the difference. 

The combination of carbohydrate and potassium from the banana, fructose from the medjool dates and protein from the almond butter is just perfect after intense exercise. Because of its high fibre content it will also help to stabilise blood sugar levels, keeping you sustained and energised for longer.

Healthy Caramel Protein Smoothie

Serves 1-2
1 large banana, frozen
1 Scoop brown rice protein powder
1.5 cup almond milk
2 medjool dates
1 tablespoons almond-butter

1/4 tsp vanilla extract
a pinch of cinnamon
Add all ingredients to the blender and blend until smooth!

Now it's time to move onto day 5's challenge.
By Maria J Crawford - 4th September 2014
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