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Everybody is talking about it...

posted on Thursday, 24th June 2010 | find under 

We had the London marathon we now have the Wimbledon marathon!
If you were watching the tennis yesterday then you know what I am talking about (if not then where were you????). Forget about football (well I am French so  let’s not even go there!), it’s all about tennis now.
I don’t think anyone was expecting Nicolas Mahut and John Isner to make history but that’s what makes it even more special, surreal, unbelievable... (even the scoreboard couldn’t keep up!)
Nicolas is from a little French town called Beaucouze, which also happens to be where I lived for the first 20 years of my life...about 2,000 people (at the time), a church, 2 bakeries (yes we need our bread)...and 1 tennis club to keep us all occupied.
I started playing when I was about 10 (I think) and guess who started at pretty much the same time: yes Nicolas Mahut himself. It was pretty obvious that he was gifted and he soon got signed to a bigger club (and it was pretty obvious that the rest of us were not so gifted!) but it always feels very ‘weird’ to watch him play on TV.
That was about 20 years ago and since then he’s become a local celebrity and I can assure you that we were all watching the game yesterday (whilst being on the phone to share the excitement...wonder what my next phone bill is going to show...world record bill????). Beaucouze city was on fire!
What they have achieved (so far) is just out of this world: 10 hours on court (and only one loo break at 58-58...I had at least 10!), 7-hour fifth set, 193 aces (98 by Isner and 95 by Mahut), four match points...what else is there to say?
Oh I know: Simon can I have the afternoon off so I can watch TV?
Best of luck to you both guys but no secrets here I will be cheering for Nicolas...ALLEZ NICO!!!!!

Susu on Everybody is talking about it...
By Susu - 28th September 2010
I was at Wimbledon yesterday at No.1 court. It was incredible. Even while watching the Federer/ Bozoljak (which was thrilling), the crowd were all amazed when we saw the match scores for Isner/Mahut. After Federer won, we stood at the back of the No.1 court at the top where we could watch Court 18 down below. (You could not get close to Court 18 on the ground as there were so many people trying to watch). It was amazing. Isner looked so tired he was almost delirious. I was cheering Mahut as he was the underdog - not only seeded 148, but also having to serve to stay in the match. What incredible fortitude! Just watched the end of match today. Domage, Nicolas!
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