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Easy tips for a buff bikini body (Step 3)

posted on Monday, 13th June 2011 | find under Fitness
The time is here for the last installment of how to get the bikini body you really want. These last three tips can be followed all summer long to ensure you look and feel the very best for you.

Protein is essential for the body. It helps to heal and repair and gives us stamina and energy. It can improve the condition of our skin, hair and nails and along with regular exercise, can help you appear toned and firm. If we were to stop eating protein, our body would start to break down muscle for its needs meaning weakness and a less defined body. Meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, legumes, soya and nuts are all great sources of protein. 

Regular Yogi's know that the secret to a great bikini body is.....Yoga! Many celebrities thank their slim yet curvy figures to regular Yoga practice. The combination of postures and movements promote strength and suppleness meaning a leaner, firmer body. So, why not contact your local gym or Yoga centre and ask about Yoga? As well as being great for your mind and spirit, it can bring you one step closer to a buff bikini bod.

We aren't all the same size and shape and however much exercise and healthy eating we do, we never will be. Although it is great to make a plan to be healthier and happier, the most important part of looking great in your bikini is confidence. We all know people who are not conventional beauties but radiate an inner confidence which makes them very attractive.

To boost your inner confidence, try this NLP technique.

First take a look at yourself in the mirror. Have a look at your whole body. What happens? Do you instantly start criticizing yourself and picking at your 'imperfections'?  If so, take a pen and paper now and write down every negative thought or feeling you have about your body. Then, write at the bottom of the piece of paper 'I let go of this negative self image'. Then throw the piece of paper away. Rip it up and literally throw it in a bin so it is out of sight. Then, get a fresh piece of paper, write down everything that is good about your body. Even if it is small parts like your eyelashes or ears, write it down. However hard it may be, aim for 10 'likes' (if you really struggle get a friend or partner to help you). Then read those over again twice more. Next, look in to the mirror and say to yourself 3 times  'I love and accept who I am'. Even of you don't believe it at first, keep saying it (you are tricking your brain in to believing it!).

After this, go and lie down somewhere and relax. As you relax, conjure up a picture of yourself on a beach. Imagine you are floating above yourself and watching yourself walk along the water's edge. Visualise a glow about you and an air of confidence. Imagine that you are the envy of everyone around you. Imagine you have fully accepted who you are. As you do this clench your fist and allow this feeling to get stronger and stronger and the image to get brighter and brighter. Then, next time you are in that situation and need a boost of confidence, clench your fist and bring back this feeling. Additionally, have your 'likes' list in your purse and read it through when you need to feel great.

Have a happy and healthy summer and remember, learn to love and accept yourself for a truely buff bikini body!
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