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Easy tips for a buff bikini body (Step 2)

posted on Saturday, 4th June 2011 | find under Fitness
How have you been getting on with your Part 1 of Bikini Body Plan so far? If you have been body brushing, drinking water and had a trip to Sweaty Betty to get your flattering swimsuit, you are ready for your next 3 tips!

Studies show that strength training, if done correctly, can be more effective in losing weight and toning up than cardio. Remember that having lean muscle burns calories quickly, boosts your metabolism and can be very helpful in gaining the shape you want. Often we ladies can worry that using weights or even strength training with your own body weight can bulk us up but don't worry this won't happen! Due to lower levels of testosterone, it is very hard for women to get too bulky. So, next time you are about to step on the treadmill, why not ask your gym instructor top show you some exercises using weights to add to your gym routine? Or, if you run or do aerobics a few times a week, make it a habit to go to a body conditioning or a Pilates class once a week as well and you will be taut and toned in no time!

The word 'antioxidants' is everywhere at the moment. It really is the new health buzz word but are you still wondering what it means and how it can help you? Antioxidants are nutrients found in some food which help to prevent or slow down damage from free radicals in our body. Free radicals can be caused by pollution, poor food choices, alcohol, smoking, too much sun, stress and all the things you know are bad for you! These baddies can cause many internal health problems as well as external issues such as cellulite. However, eating foods high in antioxidants can help to neutralise and reduce this free radical damage and therefore reduce cellulite and improve your health so you look an feel great in your bikini. Some foods high in antioxidants are berries, green leafy vegetables, walnuts and oats.

If you are exercising, body brushing, drinking water and upping your antioxidants and you still can't budge that last bit of cellulite, try an exfoliating mitt. When you are in the shower, put some shower gel on it and in small circular motions, massage all around your bottom and thighs. Then, take the mitt off and gently pinch all over your problem area with your thumb and first two fingers. After you have dried off, rub body lotion all over this area, really working the cream in. This little ritual can be done twice a week and it will help to increase circulation and smooth out the skin.

Good luck with this next stage of your body beautiful plan. Watch out for the last installment next week.....
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