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E is for Ecological

posted on Friday, 5th February 2010 | find under 

Good morning all.  How are we?  I hear that snow is possibly on its way again next week, so time to get the running shoes on over the weekend and hit the parks and roads before they become ski-slopes!

I popped in on the lovely ladies at the city store yesterday, a treat for the end of a pretty hectic week. But I have a complaint ... there is just too much gorgeous stuff in the new spring collection. I'm already mentally planning my spring working wardrobe and I can't wait to get to classes in my fabulous new togs Smile.

But back to the program - E is for Ecological.  On the surface, this is all about making sure that your goals are safe to you, others and the planet.  I was first introduced to this concept a few months ago through Chris Howard Training (http://www.thinkbigeducation.co.uk/). At first I didn't think too much of it, other than, "well that's obvious," but as months of my extreme industriousness and striving to achieve my goals went on, I started to notice that I was getting really tired!  Not just sleepy, like I'd been partying too much (I'm a bit like Cinderalla - I don't like to stay out past midnight) but mentally tired.  I'd get ratty and short tempered at certain times of the week, every week and I didn't have the reserve to cope with additional challenges that life poses every now and again. It made me realise that as driven as I am towards adding some new and exciting folders to my portfolio career, I need to take proper breaks and brain down-time.

When you set your goals, make sure you take into account your life, health and energy.

We only have a finite amount of energy, if you add the emotional, physical or spiritual stress of a lifestyle change, job search or new relationship to your life, you may just find the energy scales of your life tip in the wrong direction. And as I've learned from my own experience and from clients, feeling low in energy can play tricks on your brain, sapping your motivation and potentially sobotaging your goals.

So in the middle of all your motivation and dream searching, take time out to really rest and unwind.  Find a little something you love to do, whether it's mindless internet browsing, shopping, sleeping or reading and put it in your diary now. xx


Therese on E is for Ecological
By Therese - 28th September 2010
I'll take some time out this wknd!
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