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Diary of a workout wardrobe: Skater girl Stefani Nurding

posted on Tuesday, 18th August 2015 | find under Fashion

“I love to make working out fun,” says Stefani. “I often kick a ball about – I’m working on my keep ups, but I’m still not the best at those!” Stefani Nurding’s outlook on fitness is synonymous with Sweaty Betty’s: being active is a way of life, not just another responsibility you schedule into the day. One of the faces behind this season’s Tomboy collection and Animal sponsored skateboarder, Stefani’s style is best defined as rebellious and functional. And she has a stripped back beauty regime to match: “I like to plan cute hairstyles to go with my workout clothes. I have really been loving braids lately as they get your hair out of your face but still look really interesting and pretty.” Here she shares a typical week in workouts and skater girl approved outfits… 

Day One
Workout: POP Pilates plus out for a surf (waves permitting)

Stef Nurding Sweaty Betty

I love this Dive In Bikini because it’s both supportive and pretty – perfect for the transition from working out to wild swimming in the sea. There is a great spot for cliff jumping by my house in Bovisand, Devon and I love to run or walk up there and dive in! I’ve paired the bikini with the Splits Run 7/8 Leggings, which are so soft and comfortable and look really flattering for all my favourite Pilates exercises.

Day Three
Workout: POP Pilates again and out for a run

Stef Nurding Sweaty Betty

I like to run fast and I enjoy pushing myself to my anaerobic threshold. This outfit makes me feel great when I’m moving – the To The Beat Dance Leggings and Speedwork Run Tank are both beautifully body-shaping. The mesh panels on the knees are really sexy and keep me cool when I’m really pushing my body. And the tank is made from really high-stretch Sensitive fabric that looks amazing and stay in place when I run so there’s no need to readjust through my workout. 

Day Five
Workout: Yoga for skateboaders

Stef Nurding Sweaty Betty Leotard

The Passe Dance Leotard is designed for dance but I just don’t care. I think it’s the nicest piece of workout apparel I have ever seen and it’s my favourite outfit for doing yoga and Pilates. It’s also perfect for layering under a vest like the Count Crop Dance Vest for summer days at the skatepark. I love to look a bit different and this leotard allows me to do just that, as well as feeling completely comfortable. The inner bust lining means I can wear it without a sports bra and get all the support I need. 

Day Six
Workout: Beach sports with friends

Stef Nurding Sweaty Betty

My friends and I like to drive down to the beach on the weekend. We take loads of stuff with us like surfboards and balls or frisbees to keep us moving. We jump off the cliffs and swim through the caves – it’s the perfect chance to reconnect with the world and just let loose. Comfort is my priority on days like these – I love how the Southbank Pants have such a cosy casual fit but then stay in place because of the fitted cuffs. The Homestraight Run Tank is so technical but also extra edgy and perfect for everyday styling; I wear it when I want to add character to my look. And if I want a little extra modesty, the Open Turn Dance Vest is an amazing cover-up because it still shows off the bold plaid of the crop top. 

Want to see more from Stefani? Check out her fashion and lifestyle blog theconcretechameleon.com. And let us know via Twitter who you’d like to see next in the Diary of a Workout Wardrobe!

Photography by Dewa Ariadi

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