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Day 3 in LA – Vinyasa Flow yoga class

posted on Wednesday, 17th February 2010 | find under 
We have been recommended to go to Vinnie Marino’s class at Yogaworks on Main

We have been recommended to go to Vinnie Marino’s class at Yogaworks on Main.  We have been advised to turn up 30 minutes early or we won’t get in.  We get there 45 minutes early and there are already 60 people queuing.  The girl on reception looks a little worried when we say that we have never attended Vinnie’s class before “It is very advanced” she says.  I’m excited.  Simon is looking nervous and wishing he hadn’t had that extra margarita the night before.

We all rush in to get mat space.  The only way you can do this is by moving other people’s mats in order to squeeze your own one in, but this being America, they are all nice and polite and make way for you.  There is literally 1 inch space between all the mats (we hear later that this is called a cluster f**k!)


Everyone is slim, muscular and toned.  The girl next to me explains “we are all A types in LA.  We all want to have super fit bodies, this is not a granola and relax type class”.  They are obviously all such regulars (she drives 30 mins to get to the class every day), that out of 90 people he immediately recognises us as newcomers (that, or our apprehensive inaction whilst everyone else limbers up with splits, forearm stands etc etc) and comes to greet us.

So far so good.  45 minutes later and we are soaking with sweat – our mats are wet, the tiny towel I bought from the hotel useless, our bodies shaking, everyone in headstand to side crow, us in childs pose wondering if we can make it through the next 45!  It is amazing though.  It is similar to our weekly power yoga class that we do in London in the sense that it is fast flowing with strong poses, but this is faster, stronger, hotter and longer.  There are about 6 tattooed, muscular guys up on the stage at the front of the class and they are soooo strong.  Going into chaturanga they sort of do this beautiful slow motioned semi handstand and then float their legs to plank.    Later on in the class they are doing weird hovering things on one arm with horizontal bodies etc, holding handstands for 3 minutes, doing forearm stands with their toes touching their foreheads.  Really amazing to watch, making us realise how far we have to go.  The girl next to me, as we lie dribbling on our mats at the end, in a slightly incredulous tone says “you guys rock”.  Imagine, in England, I think you would get some disapproving looks and “are you OK?” comments...”are you sure you should be here?”!They are so positive here.  As we walk out I feel fantastic.  A bit wobbly, but energised and totally clear of the slightly niggling hangover I went in with.



Jennie on Day 3 in LA – Vinyasa Flow yoga class
By Jennie - 28th September 2010
I'd love to do this! I had a yoga teacher who seemed to move in the way you have described above, very graceful almost weightlessly, not like any other teacher I have since seem (not that yoga teachers don't all have grace !) she was also trained in LA and India.

The class sounds fantastic- I really should cut the cardio and go back to the yoga classes!
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