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Cardio Tennis - the verdict

posted on Thursday, 5th May 2011 | find under Fitness

Although my glutes are telling me all about it and it was a little late to be working out at that intensity so I'm feeling a bit ropey today.  It was so worth it though.

There were just two of us in the class last night, I'd roped in another new mum (inviting a friend is always a good way of making sure you won't wimp out of class) and over the course of an hour we jogged, lobbed, volleyed and ground stroked endlessly, interspersed with sprints and agility drills.

Vicky at Epping Tennis Club (I'm in the suburbs now daahling) put us through our paces.  We even managed a short game.

I also discovered that I'm not as bad at tennis as I thought I was, my fitness is better than I'd thought it would be considering my months out of action and I'd forgotten how great those endorphines make you feel.  I even felt that over the course of the hour my tennis improved.  I learned what a drive volley was too!  AND, not only will I definitely be going back to cardio tennis but it's inspired me to take a few tennis lessons.  If I know how to return the ball then at least I won't be so scared of it when it comes flying over the net at high speed (my ever so supportive husband told me that the key to racquet sports is to be more afraid of losing the point than of the ball hitting you)! 

To find out more about cardio tennis or to see if it's at a club near you just take a look at www.cardiotennis.com
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