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Breaking the Taboo- Colonics and why I have them....

posted on Saturday, 8th May 2010 | find under Tamara, Fitness

Have you ever had a Colonic? Have you ever heard of them? Up until a few years ago I hadn't, but now they are a regular part of my health plan - for me having regular colonics is kind of like having health insurance...   Why you might ask?

Health is my number 1 value... And it has been for a long time - for 12 years now, I have been very proactive with my health and health aware; I practice and teach yoga, I am vegetarian, and I eat mainly organic, fresh food, I walk whenever I get the chance, I do regular liver detoxes, I don't drink, I don't smoke, I don't take drugs (illegal or legal) You could say I am pretty health consiocus :) and yet today in my colonic session, (purified water used to flush the bowel under the supervision of a qualified Colon Therapist) you'll never believe what was flushed out of me..... ???

A WORM nest - So Unbelievable and yukky.. but oh my gosh - it was so amazing to see it...... be flushed out of me and gone forever!.....and apparently according to my Colon Therapist, most of us have these worms inside of us, sitting in our intestines, eating away at our food or us, and negatively impacting and damaging our health.... How gross is that.... But even worse than thinking that there is a parasite inside you, (if that is possible!) is that this parasite is competing for nutrients, scavaging all the health goodies and nutrients before you and your body can get the chance to absorb them... and we know with health... We are not what we eat, but what we can absorb... so if you are suffering from any health condition including but not limited to bloating, IBS, diarrhoea, skin disorders, constipation, allergies, asthma, immune problems, diabetes, auto-immune disorders, then make sure you ask your health practitioner to test if you too could have worms like me..... and I didn't even have any of these symptoms... Oh and one more thing that I find fascinating, is how amazingly different I feel in my body... My colon therapist said to take it easy for the next 3 days as my body re-adjusts to being the new me... these entities have cellular memories, and when released from the body, we release these old memories and that affects our new cells, our body and our cellular structure- how cool is that?

As they say, better out than in!!! Wishing you a wonderful weekend.... And here' s a website that I found telling you a bit more about the health benefits of colonics and their history (*Disclaimer: I am not associated in any way with this website, but I enjoyed reading this section on colonics and I thought you might too... and this information is not intended to replace medical advice - please always work with a qualified health care practitioner.)



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