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Betties, I have missed thee!!!

posted on Wednesday, 25th November 2009 | find under 

Oh Betties, I feel I have neglected you!! 'Twas just the beginning of this month that I last posted, and here we are, nearing the end and not a post in between to show for it!! Anyway, I hope you can forgive, and that we can move forward together into a world of fabulous fitness that only a true Betty can embrace!!

So here we are at the start of the very exciting Christmas party scene! It spells fun and danger all at once!! There are visions of ladies that over indulge on the drink front, falling down in the street with laddered tights - never a good look!!! Or indeed the dreaded squeezing into the LBD, it can take two, even three friends at a time to do that zip up dammit!!! A small note on the aforementioned - 1. don't drink too much ladies, it's ain't pretty to be intoxicated, and it's not safe either. 2. embracing all of the advice from all of us blogger types will mean that squeezing into the LBD will be less of an arduous process!!!

So I promise to thee that I will post a twelve days of Christmas for the next twelve days (not including weekends) to keep you in check for the festive season!! Woop woop, it's party time!!!

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