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Be bamboozled with the sweatyBetty beautiful bamboo tops!

posted on Sunday, 1st April 2007 | find under Fashion , Fitness
Pandas love it and so do we - BAMBOO is the new buzz word in environmentally friendly clothing and sweatyBetty is excited to introduce its first range of bamboo yoga wear. Our luxuriously soft tops have been designed to wear as layering pieces that are as flexible as the wearers lifestyle and destined to become wardrobe staples. The gorgeous gold-trimmed, cream puff sleeve voluminous top and draping long sleeve wrap are perfect for yoga, pilates or simply paired with jeans.
As if looking good wasnt enough, by wearing bamboo you can help the environment! Sure it sounds like a drastic claim but bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world and is known to improve soil quality. So the more you buy, the more bamboo plantations well need, meaning more photosynthesis and less nasty greenhouse gases. How cool is that? Oh and its 100% biodegradable, but dont worry it wont fall apart when you wash it as its extremely durable and weve added a teeny bit of stretch to ensure it keeps it shape.

The benefits dont stop there, as well as being sensationally soft and kind to sensitive skin, bamboo is exceptionally breathable so it keeps your temperature stable which is great for exercise and the unpredictable British weather. Not only that but it is antibacterial, meaning it wont hold onto nasty smelling bacteria so by wearing it youll look, feel and smell great whilst helping the environment!

Did we mention is also looks gorgeous? Just watch out for those Pandas.
contact: Laura Jones
tel: 0207 7518545
e-mail: press@sweatybetty.com
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