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Banish Your Love Handles

posted on Tuesday, 8th December 2009 | find under Fitness

Hey yogis, if you suffer from those annoying love handles, you know that little extra bit that bulges just above your jeans or trousers?  (at home in New Zealand we call these muffin tops!) I have some GREAT NEWS!

Today, I discovered a super easy way to banish them...

Yoga twists! Seriously! :)

I know that we are taught in yoga that twists detoxify the body. So when we think deeper this starts to make sense. Toxins are highly acidic to the delicate organs inside our body. So our amazing bodies create fat, to buffer and store the toxins in. When we twist and detoxify our bodies, we flush toxins, and voila no toxins, no fat, meaning no LOVE HANDLES......

So, focus on increasing the twists in your yoga practice, and reap the benefits! Detoxify, Energise, Tone Up and Slim Down Naturally....

Namaste beautiful yogis and blessings to you all from Phoenix, Arizona.



katrinabrunsden on Banish Your Love Handles
By katrinabrunsden - 28th September 2010
Hi Detox Diet - yes that is me! This was taken 2009 in the Greek Islands... I've spent the last few years breaking through the food and marketing myths and learning simple and natural ways to totally transform my body and mind from being overweight, unhealthy and frustrated to enjoying vibrant health everyday. I'll share everything I know here and also on my website www.FatGirlTrim.com and www.KatrinaYoga.com and also I'm on Facebook and Twitter so please connect with me there! xxxx Smile)
Linda on Banish Your Love Handles
By Linda - 28th September 2010
Thanks for the tip!
Therese/Sweaty Betty on Banish Your Love Handles
By Therese/Sweaty Betty - 28th September 2010
Great news! Love the images!
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