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Back to normal!

posted on Monday, 8th February 2010 | find under Tamara, Nutrition
I always find it strange going back to work after a competition!

Hello everyone!

I always find it strange going back to work after a competition! Whether I do well or not I think the build up to and then competing at the competition is full of lots of emotions - high's and lows and when I get back to normality the following day I do find it hard! It's like a different life and it takes a while to adjust! I trained in the gym this morning as usual. I train at Drove House in Bridgwater - I am lucky to have such a strong support team here. Garry and Helen have helped me with all aspects of training outside of trampolining - fitness, massage and treatments. Without their support I definately wouldn't have progressed as far as I have! Monday's normally consist of gym in morning, work (at St Georges Primary School, Wembdon) followed by my trampoline training. A busy yet fulfilling day!

I have put a link for one of my routines from the competition yesterday below. I hope it works!

Laura Gallagher Vol.wmv (3.80 mb)

Hope you're all well! Be great to hear from you- if your training for something, aspiring to something etc!

Laura x 

CharlieMorgs on Back to normal!
By CharlieMorgs - 28th September 2010
go lozzz!!!love it, keep up the good work, tres proud dudette xxx
nicola on Back to normal!
By nicola - 28th September 2010
Just watched your routine on the video - so impressive! Good luck with the training and week in Bournemouth
sweatylaura on Back to normal!
By sweatylaura - 28th September 2010
Wow, well done ChelS. Yes the words in the poem are very true! Best of luck with your trial...let me know how you get on!
ChelS on Back to normal!
By ChelS - 28th September 2010
Well done! I am training for an off-road triathlon on March 14th- the last in the 4 race series, and for my age group on the short course, I am in equal first place for championship points! I am going to try to remember what you wrote- If I think i can...I can!
Good luck in your training!!
JonGallagher on Back to normal!
By JonGallagher - 28th September 2010
Woooo-go little sis! Keep up the good work. Hey, looks like my rugby is going well, I'll probably be playing against a few ALL BLACKS this year!! I'll keep an eye on this, wishing you all the best Smile x
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