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Back on track

posted on Thursday, 26th November 2009 | find under Fitness

After 3 weeks suffering from sinusitis I am back on track again.  It's very tough going back to running after an illness and lots of antibiotics.  My session at Belgrave Harriers , which consisted of 5 times 500m+ 6 times 200m +6 times 100m with one minute break in between, made me realise how much I was behind everyone.  It is very frustrating to have built up a good fitness and then have a little illness knock it down. Fingers crossed I am going to stay healthy now.

I was reading Yolanda's blog and I love it.  She was also a professional athlete and I can relate to lots of the things she talks about.  She posted an interesting bit on what sports means to us.  For me, at the moment it is about being the best I can be but at the same time to find the right balance between training and other aspects of my life.  I am doing exercises now for myself and the health benefits.  It is not any more about winning competitions and Championships and training 3 times a day whatever the weather - snow , rain or scorching heat.  I must say I always had a tear in my eye when I was watching the European or World Championships or even the Olympics when lots of my friends with whom I used to do athletics were there. I thought to myself that if I were still in training, who knows, I could have been there.  But the reality of it is that I would almost have had no life apart from doing athletics.  There is lots of sacrifices to be made when you decide you want to be a professional and with training two times a day for a good 15 years on very hard surfaces most of my friends had to finish their career due to injury and many of them have had a serious surgery performed on them so although I am sad because I will never find out how good I could have possibly been it gives me a bit of peace of mind knowing that I can (hopefully) run until the end of my life , do my best and find the right balance between exercising , working and my family.  I don't have to feel bad if I miss a training session or have a piece of chocolate cake.

Talking about chocolate cakes it was my birthday not long ago and we went out with some friends from Richmond Running Club and one of my presents was about 20 Snickers bars - the big packs which they sell in Tesco ( Thank you Lola and Sue).  I have a soft spot for Snickers so I have managed to get through them already but again reading Yolanda's blog titled "It is a goal" I decided I am going to stay off chocolate and sweets until Christmas.  That's my little goal. 


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