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And so the REAL pain begins.......

posted on Tuesday, 1st June 2010 | find under Nutrition

From Wednesday to Friday of last week I was at Lilleshall National Sports Centre. During my time there I had my usual strength and conditioning sessions but with our S & C coach Ruddy. It was brilliant to train with someone as it is tough training on your own everyday. It really motivates you and definitely helps your training! I was monitored by our GB team physio Lou and had proprioception training with physio Ali. The aim of my being at Lilleshall was not only for the physios to see where I was at with my training but also to see how my body was responding to that training (mainly the injury)....... and to get on a trampoline! I was very excited to get back on the trampoline and as soon as I did it felt awesome. When I started jumping again everything just felt so good. I was expecting to be unstable and experience back and feet pain- which is normal after any period of time fof the trampoline, however I had none of these! All the hours I had spent in rehab training every part of my body certainly felt as though it paid off. I felt very stable and in control of the jumping and didn't get any of the back or feet pains I was anxious of getting. I felt very positive about going back to training and cant wait for my first session back at the club tomorrow! I was checked the day after getting on the trampoline and there was no reaction so it seems that after four very long months of rehab I am now ready to start jumping again- all be it at a low level for a couple weeks!

I feel so excited and cannot wait to get back into competing again but at the same time it feels really strange! I guess for the last four months it has been frustrating, painful, difficult and I have lots of ups and as many downs- so many emotions. I dont feel anxious about getting back on the trampoline, I actually feel pretty calm- maybe that is because I know I am ready for it now, or maybe I know that all the work, pain and time I have spent training throughout rehab will be worth it and make the difference whilst I am getting back to fitness on the trampoline. I know it wont be an easy ride. I know it will be tough. Like I said in the title- And so the REAL pain begins...........BRING IT ON!!!!!x

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