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An evening of Power Yoga

posted on Wednesday, 13th July 2011 | find under Tamara

After an extremely busy day on my feet, I was looking forward to a chilled out yoga session at Sweaty Betty's Kings Road Guest Instructor evening. I knew it was a ‘special’ evening taught by respected guest teacher and however, being fairly new to yoga, I was not familiar with the practice of ‘power yoga’.
The Guest Instructor was Marie-Laure Desire, one of the co founders of The Power Yoga in South West London. She began with a huge smile and explained the basic background of power yoga and demonstrated the classic 'child's pose' if we needed to rest at any stage throughout the class.
I thought I would spend a lot of my time in that pose but I was wrong.
We began by stretching and moved quickly into a series of fast paced moves building to a challenge of some extraordinary balancing and twisting shapes. After briefly resting twice and with the careful preparation stretches, I found myself able to do a shoulder stand for the first time. Marie- Laure was encouraging and positive, and advised us to push ourselves carefully into new challenges. She was certainly very good herself and something to aspire to! I was surprised and pleased that I had tried something new and was able to do most of the positions. I think everybody will find that their body is able to do things they weren't aware of before. We never once lingered in one position, therefore if you want a relaxing time this might not be for you. You will, however, certainly feel the heat and feel completely energised by this type of class. This was different from any classic Ashtanga yoga that I had previously tried, you won't be holding poses, but you will be get a full body work out from this style of yoga.
Although, I didn't get the relaxing evening I was expecting, I equally didn't get any of the pain I expected today. I had a great workout and it has definitely given me something to think about. In fact when I went off to a party after class I got something else, the guests telling me what a glow I had and how well I looked," thanks" I gushed "it’s the power yoga".
Bee M

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