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All in the mind after 16 miles........

posted on Friday, 9th October 2009 | find under Fitness, Nutrition

Well after a painful 16 miler this morning, I sure hope so..... I feel like a lame old racehorse (well, a lame old horse) and one that should be put out to grass. Having a few doubts as to how in 3 weeks time I am going to be able to add 10 miles onto today's rather shabby effort?? Well according to some real marathon runners I have spoken to, it definitely is all "upstairs" once you crack the 16 mile mark. Your legs become "purely a mode of transport". Not sure how this can truly be when today at this landmark distance, I was barely able to put one foot in front of the other! The good news, however (always looking for the positive spin) is that after 3 hours running today, my book says I absolutely should REST for 3 days! And believe me I won't need much convincing..... 22 days to go and counting....

victoria on All in the mind after 16 miles........
By victoria - 28th September 2010
emma you are inspirational! you are focused on the goal and ignoring invitations to drinks parties on the beach and snoring colleagues! Keep it up we cant wait to read all about it...
yolanda on All in the mind after 16 miles........
By yolanda - 28th September 2010
ET you are amazing. Would you have thought, this time last year, that you would be running 16miles. You have the big one under your belt. Come on NY!
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