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Adrienne Herbert styles the Contour Leggings

posted on Friday, 22nd July 2016 | find under Fashion
A former dancer, personal trainer and blogger at That’s My Mum, Adrienne Herbert (@adriennetmm) is one seriously cool mother to Jude, 5. A monthly style columnist for Women’s Health, we caught up with her to borrow her expertise on how to wear the lightweight and versatile leggings of the moment – The Contour. We followed Adrienne to see how she styles her explosive printed leggings from workout to brunch and more.

how to style the contour leggings
Adrienne wears the Stamina Bra, Luxe Bucket Bag and Contour Leggings 
I started my blog after moving to Hertfordshire to have my son Jude. At baby groups I met so many women who would ask me for advice about getting fit, so I wanted to share my ideas to inspire other new mums. Now Jude’s 5 and full of more energy than ever, I am always on the go, so I look for clothes that I can wear all day. The Contour Leggings are really comfortable, and the print is so standout that I can just throw on a denim shirt dress over my Stamina Bra after training and I’m good to go to brunch.

how to style your contour leggings
Adrienne wears the Contour Leggings, Pacesetter Vest, Virasana Yoga Bra and Luxe Bucket Bag

I like to work out in the morning, so after a run and breakfast I generally grab my biker and a chai tea for the school run. I usually then head straight to work so wear my training gear with casual layers. I always love a printed legging, but to play these down for the school gates, I’ve thrown on a grey Pacesetter Vest over a neon Virasana Yoga Bra, I love the pop of colour. A backpack is always a necessity, so I can carry around a change of clothes, snacks, toys for Jude and the kitchen sink basically. This Luxe Bucket Bag is great as I can alter the straps to be a bucket bag or backpack depending on where I’m going.  
how to style your contour leggings
Adrienne wears the Fast Track Run Jacket and Contour Leggings

I love running – particularly in the summer and this August I am planning on running 5k every day (yes, every day). Being so lightweight and sweat-wicking the Contour Leggings are great for running on warmer days, and if it’s cool I usually throw on a lightweight jacket like the Fast Track Run Jacket. I think when you’re working out the brighter the better with leggings, anything for extra motivation. What else keeps me going on these miles? Nutella, always. Although realistically post-run my go to breakfast is a banana on toast with honey and a milkshake with nut butter and almond milk.  

Shop the Contour Leggings and Sweaty Betty's new arrivals today. Find out more about Adrienne on her blog That’s My Mum or on Instagram @adriennetmm
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