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a mile at a time....

posted on Wednesday, 30th September 2009 | find under 

Just ran 9 miles in one hour and five minutes. Not a record breaker i know but good enough for a wednesday morning. Needed to feel fit as tonight is the big night...Boxing Fit4free and I'm happy to say that ill be teaching 2classes. Selfridges is up first and then it will need to be a quick sprint to Soho for round two (see what i did there!). My day is therefore going to be filled with various pairs of shoes (one for cycling, one for work, one for boxing) and a lot of boxing chat. Quite frankly i cant imagine a better day. Although right now the only thing that really excites me is the big bowl of porridge I'm about to gobble up...x

Kaahed on a mile at a time....
By Kaahed - 28th September 2010
Have fun x
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