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A Marathon Success!!

posted on Tuesday, 27th April 2010 | find under 

The Sweaty Betty team partnered with Breast Cancer Care as their clothing sponsor for the day. We gathered at miles 11.5, 17.5 and 24.5 with the expectation of cheering on those running for the Breast Cancer cause, in reality we cheered for everyone that went by us! We cheered our hardest to help get them through the race! The energy and excitement at the Marathon on was unbelievably awe inspiring! As the runners made their way past us you could feel their determination and drive. There were those that took their challenge to extreme wearing costumes that ranged from rhinos to giraffes. We even saw a man carrying a bar fridge on his back for his cause! The day has inspired us all to go the extra mile, share your London Marathon stories with us on Facebook!

Danielle, Community manager

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