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A lighter life

posted on Tuesday, 2nd February 2010 | find under Tamara

I feel that two weights have lifted off my shoulders this week. The weight of expectation and that of fear. The last year for me has seemed at times like a waiting game. At times everything has been magnified by the simple fact that i never felt sure whether time really was on my side. I have often pressured myself to carry on past the closing time just in case the opportunity didnt arise again. I have felt emotions at a higher level just incase that moment didnt present itself to me a second time. I savoured moments often for their unique appearance. I havent been afraid to take what others often deemed as risks because interaction with day to day life often felt like the biggest one. I often felt alone, like i was treading water or living on quicksand. I was never totally sure when the magic carpet would be pulled from under my feet. I think this may be the first time i have ever managed to put this into words and im sure if offers a glimmer of understanding for those around me who have had to deal with me at certain times. This insecurity has meant that whilst i preach sustainablity in training I was never the best at putting it into practice. This weekend marked a one year anniversary of health for me. I am unashamed in my belief in three simple words: love, compassion and health and i am glad to build on that trio in this upcoming year. This weekend i realise that i am slowly regaining the precious commodity of time. I have time to train in a healthy and sustainable way. I want to be an athlete for the rest of my life. I want it to always be a part of me without it causing a rollercoster of injury on my body. Im looking forward to cycling trips, hiking challenges, learning to swim and some yoga...oh along with a few thousand miles of running.

shn on A lighter life
By shn - 28th September 2010
Did you say learning to swim??????
LT on A lighter life
By LT - 28th September 2010
Love, health & happiness.... the perfect formula x
kate on A lighter life
By kate - 28th September 2010
Good luck with everything. If it helps any, know that you've been inspiration to us whilst you battled it out.
claire on A lighter life
By claire - 28th September 2010
So proud of you lady!x
Therese on A lighter life
By Therese - 28th September 2010
Go Yolly! xx
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