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A Good Week...

posted on Friday, 2nd April 2010 | find under Tamara, Nutrition

Happy Easter!

I have just returned from a fab week training at Bath University. Although I was not able to train on the trampoline (still!) I had a really beneficial week focussing on working through new rehab programmes which are brilliant. There was so much support available for the squad- nutritionist, Strength and Conditioning coach, physios, docs, psychologist not to mention the fantastic facilities available there. I felt proud to be a part of our trampoline National squad which is now so professional. It is a really good atmosphere at Bath; full of elite athletes from a huge variety of sports mixed with members of the public. Its fascinating looking around at all the different and unique exercises that are going on, the videoing monitoring techniques, the experts picking at every little fault, the energy and effort that is so clearly visible. It motivates you even more just by being there and training amongst it. There is so much energy around and so much going on it really is inspiring and makes you want to work even harder!

I had several sessions a day and flitted between hydrotherapy, the gym and the pool, the majority with either a physio or a strength and conditioning coach just going through my new programmes and making sure I was doing the exercises properly. I realise how lucky I- and our squad- are to have such support available to us! I learnt a lot of new exercises that will make me strong (hopefully stronger!) and prepared for getting back on the trampoline and into full training again and I will be getting on with them at my own gym and pool at home. I will train through the weekend- though I am looking forward to our annual family Easter Egg Hunt (haha, I think the age ranges between 82 and 14!!) I love it!! Not so much looking forward to giving my Easter Eggs to someone else! Tomorrow I have an interview with BBC Somerset Sound radio station, I think it is about the British Airways competition and where I am with training etc at the mo!

I hope you all have a lovely time this weekend, enjoy the bank holidays and all the chocolate!! Laurax        

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