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5 reasons to wear the right sports bra

posted on Thursday, 19th October 2017 | find under Fashion
Attention! We have news for you. Your boobs, they’re calling out for a sports bra with the right support. It’s not fiction, it's science – when you’re active your breasts move in a 3D motion leading them to drop with no going back. Here’s 5 reasons to invest in the correct support, and how to prevent irreversible damage. 

Model wears the Ultra Run Bra and Power Leggings 

Reason One: Cooper’s Ligaments

Haven’t heard of Cooper’s Ligaments? Well these structures of connective tissue are the main source of support for the breasts, and without the right support they stretch irreversibly. We hate to break it to you, but once they stretch, they never go back, so ensure you’re wearing the right support for your sport.
Reason Two: Your activity

All sports bras aren’t created equal. Your choice in sports bra is determined by your sport, not just aesthetics. Low support works for Pilates, barre and yoga, medium support for spinning and boxing and high support for running, HIIT and dance.
Reason Three: Your cup size

It’s not just your activity that determines your sports bra, it’s your cup size. If you’re A – C Cup, you can try low, medium and high styles (though no yoga bras for running please, it’s like wearing a ballet shoe for a marathon). If you’re D+, seriously go high support! Don’t be sad, you have a chest of magnificence to hold in place.
Reason Four: No aches and pains

Sore neck? Stiff back? General tenderness. These are all symptoms of a badly fitting bra. A bra that’s too tight can restrict movement in the upper back, larger breasts can hurt the neck without the right support and if you don’t stop those babies bouncing (they can move up to 8cm during exercise) they are going to become sore.
Reason Five: Your normal bra is not fine

Sports bras are specifically constructed to support the chest and absorb shock caused by repetitive jumping and fast movement. Wearing a normal bra to workout can cause pain in the breasts, back and neck as there is not enough support there. And no, wearing two doesn’t count.
What to look out for

1. Before buying a sports bra, make sure you put it through a ‘jump test’. When you’re in the changing room, try jumping up and down, leaning forwards, and raising your arms. Check that the bra moves with you and stays in place when you perform these exercises.

2. The underband holds up to 80% of the bras support so make sure it fits snugly.

3. Choose a sports bra that cradles each breast separately. This will help control bounce and your chest will be more supported and protected this way.

4. If you’re running ensure the straps are tight enough to give firm support, though for lower impact activities we recommend straps that don’t need adjusting for comfort.

5. Your sports bra has a lifespan and should never reach its first birthday. Once you lose the elasticity, the support goes and there’s nothing but a boob job to get that back!

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