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125 Kings Road

posted on Friday, 30th October 2009 | find under 

125 Kings Road was just a whisper until this month. Now I can invite you to join us for the launch this Saturday when 125 Kings Road becomes the latest addition to the Sweaty Betty boutique family.

There is so much to be considered for a new store opening: order Christie Turlington mannequins from Paris, source rope from the Dartmouth Chandler and high quality oak for the ’gym bars’, recruit and train a new team and equally importantly become part of the community through local Ambassadors, partnering with local studios and shalas and finding the all important ’local hero’ coffee shop.

This Saturday kicks off with a yoga class at 8.30am (all welcome), the boutique opening at 9.30am, running club in the early afternoon (all welcome) and of course our award-winning shopfit


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