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Yoga session with Howard Napper

posted on Tuesday, 22nd December 2009 | find under 

On Wednesday evening last week we were lucky enough to attend a yoga session with Howard Napper. Here's a teacher who has sold millions of DVDs and books and still finds time to give a private lesson. Amazing it was too! The event was held in our new Kings Rd boutique which was especially poignant for Howard as he had literally grown up next door!

What is so fantastic about Howard is that he wants yoga to be fun. He tailor made a special session for us and as he doesn't believe in teaching specific types of yoga, his class was a unique mixture of moves and positions. All about the breathing of course!

At the end we were given an insight into Howard's latest studies... into stress! Something we could all relate to and even talking about it seemed to help.....

Seems that stress has a lot to answer for in the ageing process. So I think we should all keep going with the yoga and especially concentrate on the breathing.....

A great evening, a real treat and special thanks to Howard for joining us.

Emma, Head of Retail

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