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Win a place at Sweaty Betty’s Guest Instructor Evening with Tracy Anderson

posted on Friday, 17th December 2010 | find under 
Join our exclusive Facebook competition and win a place at Sweaty Betty’s Guest Instructor Evening with Tracy Anderson, personal trainer to Gwyneth Paltrow. Head over to our Facebook page for more details, click here.

From Gwyneth Paltrow and Shakira’s personal trainer,
The Tracy Anderson Method: Total Cardio Workout
Released on DVD from 27 December 2010

“Truly is a miracle. Never did I imagine that in my 30’s after two children, I would be able to change my body to the degree which I have. Tracy’s method works! All you have to do is put the time in and you will see the results you never thought possible” - Gwyneth Paltrow

“I love Tracy Anderson’s Method! Her approach to exercise is smart, creative and empowering. I believe that Tracy can transform any woman” - Shakira

For over a decade, Tracy Anderson has been perfecting a lifestyle technique to help countless women achieve toned and defined bodies. The Tracy Anderson Method: Total Cardio Workout uses carefully choreographed movements to continuously burn calories and create a longer, leaner figure. Ideal for those starting out on the new plan as well as Tracy’s fans who want to take their workout back to basics, the DVD is available to own from 27 December from ITV Studios Home Entertainment.

Tracy Anderson started dancing as a child and at the age of 18 she left home to pursue her dream of becoming a professional dancer. After experiencing a considerable amount of weight gain, she began to create her own workout methods which led to a complete transformation of her body. Alongside her work as a dancer, Tracy decided to study and research muscle structure and specific training techniques which became the core behind her fitness system.

The overall mission of the Tracy Anderson method is to strengthen the smaller muscle groups so that these muscles can pull in the larger muscles, which results in a lean figure and creates a balance between weight loss and a healthy body.

Tracy's list of celebrity clients includes Gwyneth Paltrow, Shakira, Courtney Cox and Kate Hudson. She is constantly developing new moves, routines, and techniques to ensure that her method stays fresh.

“I've spent the last 11 years researching, creating the Tracy Anderson Method and my mission is to give every woman the tools she needs to look and feel her best!” - Tracy Anderson

By Anonymous - 29th December 2010
Just love the work outs which I do almost daily. To have the experience of being part of a workout session would be just fabulous.
Guest Events- Why Facebook
By Anonymous - 28th December 2010
I do not understand why you require to apply to guest events via facebook. There are many of us who are not members of facebook and have no intention of doing so even for Sweaty Betty guest events. Calling and booking a place was quite a fair system. I am not sure having 'choose me choose me ' or 'I can do this for you if you choose me' comments on your facebook page is how you would like to present these events. thank you
This Would Be Great Fun And Intersting
By Kate walsh - 28th December 2010
I'd love to come to this event. It would be great to do exercise with a world class trainer.
By kelly owens - 22nd December 2010
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