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Why we can't run without compression

posted on Wednesday, 7th August 2013 | find under Tamara, Fashion
Compression technology increases circulation, improves recovery and helps protect from injuries, which is why the Sweaty Betty team refuse to run without their compression leggings. It’s been the secret weapon of professional athletes for years, and compression training is one of the best things you can incorporate into your training to both enhance your performance and reduce your recovery time. 

Here’s exactly what it does and why we love it:

1.       It enhances blood flow, improving overall circulation.
Medical compression stockings have been used to enhance blood flow for decades however compression in athletic apparel has only arrived relatively recently. We’re glad it's becoming more commonplace– by compressing muscles, it increases blood flow and improves circulation as you run. Compression leggings also give your body a streamlined and flattering look.
2.       Compression maintains a low blood lactate concentration, improving your performance.
Muscles burn because of the build-up of lactic acid. During a workout, the compression fabric pulls your muscles together and keeps lactic acid at bay, allowing you to run faster and harder without feeling too much of the burn.
3.       It reduces muscle oscillation, making you more efficient.
Every time your foot hits the floor, muscles vibrate from the impact - an effect called oscillation. Over distances, these oscillations contribute to muscle fatigue as your muscles vibrate. Your compression leggings will feel tight to your legs and this ensures that your muscles vibrate less than they would do in regular running tights of leggings, reducing fatigue and of course improving your overall performance. 

4.        It helps aid muscle soreness, improving recovery time.
Worn after a workout, compression keeps muscles from swelling and helps with circulation, ensuring the blood continues to pump around the body at a regular pace, helping muscles repair more quickly.
Our favourite for running is the Seamless Compression Run Capris, newly arrived with the latest Autumn collection and the perfect pair for compression training. 
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