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Where We're Training This Week: Powmak Pilates

posted on Tuesday, 17th June 2014 | find under Tamara, Nutrition
To celebrate the launch of the beautiful new Windsor boutique, the Sweaty Betty team took their training to one of the Roadshow's favourite workout spots in the royal town - Powmak Pilates.

Overlooking the Windsor marina, the studio is light and airy, making it the perfect setting for a sunny morning fitness class. While Powmak specialise in Reformer Pilates and injury recovery, the team opted to try out PowMix; a brand new, full-body workout created by the studio's owner Samantha Kellard. 

The class combines exercises using the performer disc, and an innovative piece of equipment with springs and a harness-style sling that are attached to the wall and around the chest or waist to support and add resistance to the workout. This allows you to practice core exercises with proper form; with the sling providing support while you lean forward, brace the core and run on the spot. Moves included jump squats, side lunges and press-ups with hands/feet on the performer disc (a padded, weighted disc on wheels); forcing you to brace the core and tense the muscles in order to keep the disc still and steady during exercises. The Sweaty Betty team then took to the Reformer beds for some work on core and posture.

The combination of fantastic instructors (ask for Cat!), a bright and well-located studio and the added bonus of having a Sweaty Betty boutique close by, makes Powmak Pilates a must for anyone visiting Windsor! 

For more info on where to eat, drink and workout in Windsor, visit the Sweaty Betty Insider Guide.

What To Wear:

This class sees you moving in and out of the harnesses, so clothing that is fitted to the body is recommended, to ensure it does not get caught on the equipment. 

For this reason, the Dynamic Yoga Leggings and Chaturanga Yoga Vest are the perfect choice. The leggings are 100% opaque; ideal when moving from squats to lunges to press-ups, and the entire outfit is high-stretch and sweat-wicking for maximum comfort from warm-up to cooldown. Add the Trikonasana Yoga Bra and Pilates Socks for the ultimate PowMix-ready look.
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