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When Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday have been excessive on the food front!

posted on Thursday, 17th June 2010 | find under Tamara
Hey Betties, this little post is about mindset

Hey Betties, this little post is about mindset.  It's about how once the slippery slope starts, we just keep on slipping!! Oh dear!!  So take me for example.  Now whilst this wasn't a big dash onto the slope of slipper-age, eating out three nights on the trot, it's more than I ever do, so I want to share my mindset with thee!

So here's the thing.  I had a little birthday celebration on Tuesday and also decided to be greedy and eat out for dinner on both Monday and Wednesday too!  Who knew that one could drag out ones birthday celebrations to such great length!!  Anyways, so dinner was at least 8pm or afterwards each evening, so the whole not eating late promise...gone!  Next, I'm not gonna lie, there were bubbles, be it cava, champers or prosecco, I did the bubbles and enjoyed every sip!!  What girl doesn't like bubbles??  So I arrive at today, Thursday, and am like, wow!!  I ate out every night, one could almost say this week had been a write off!!!  But STOP!!!  There are seven days in a week...with 4 days left the virtue can and will be redeemed!!!  And here I sit, munching on some pomegranate seeds and a few almonds, about to train hard!!  Yes there are four days left in this week, and it is not about to take a nose-dive!!!

If I can do this after 3 days, then so can you!!!!  Turning things around can start on any day, even with the weekend approaching!  And here Betties is that beautiful word - Balance!!!  It's about knowing that you're not gonna head to jeans-rips-ville after a few nights out to dinner!  So you do that every week and it's a different story, but once in a while doesn't need to be a disaster! 

So go forth and exercise some balance, and enjoy those occasional nights out, you deserve them!!!


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