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Welcome to my blog

posted on Thursday, 24th September 2009 | find under 

Hello. Im so excited to be writing this blog and i hope that you enjoy reading it. I thought i would start with a little intro to myself. Im pretty much like any other 25year old living in London...well except that most mornings start with a 6am run. I am what you may call a sports nut. Health and fitness isnt just something that i do to look good its at the basis of my life and everything that i believe. I have competed at county level in downhill skiing, done a marathon or two, boxed competitively, qualified as one of the few ABA female boxing coaches, and am studying advanced nutiriton and sports nutrition.

I love trainers, porridge, apples, nivea cream, my camera, my fixed gear bike, seamless running tights, triathlon magazines (even though i cant swim) and baking. I cant guarantee that this blog will have any theme other than me sharing my fitness diary and passion of all things sporty..and perhaps a smoothie recipe or two. x Y

Baby V on Welcome to my blog
By Baby V - 28th September 2010
mmm porridge and cycling and my ma swears by Nivea too!
Ida on Welcome to my blog
By Ida - 28th September 2010
looking forward to read your blog!
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