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Welcome to Emma's blog!

posted on Wednesday, 23rd September 2009 | find under Tamara, Fitness

Here you will find the latest updates from Emma.

peter penusi on Welcome to Emma's blog!
By peter penusi - 28th September 2010
where did you pull all this information together? I find it very interesting and was looking for this all daya long.
emmathornton on Welcome to Emma's blog!
By emmathornton - 28th September 2010
Well this keeping fit without being on my feet is quite tiresome...however a lovely personal trainer at the gym suggested I use the static bike (pedalling doesn't hurt!) to keep the old cardio going. She even leant me her headphones and as I set the machine for 2 hours she said "You'll die of boredom unless you have something to listen to!" (the headphones were indeed a lifesaver). Cycling and not actually getting anywhere isn't really my thing, but at least it relieved the guilt of not exercising as the "days to go" hit less than 35....back in physio tonight (note to self to wear something more suitable than the last time!!)
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