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Walking 26.2 miles by Moon Light is no easy task

posted on Tuesday, 17th May 2011 | find under 
Sweaty Betty's Cambridge Boutique Manager Kimberly Cole took on the MoonWalk London. Read her personal account below

I had an amazing time at the MoonWalk in London.
I have walked many marathons over the past couple of years and when I heard about the MoonWalk I thought it would be an excellent challenge for me as it is so different from the off-road walks I normally participate in. Plus starting the walk near on midnight and walking until the sun comes up certainly mixes it up!
In order to train my friend, Jane and I took part in local walks, such as the Macmillan Cambridge to Ely 19 Mile Walk and anything else that gave me a chance to rack up the miles. I also bike and run regularly so it builds up the stamina but don't let anyone let you think that walking 26.2 miles is an easy task!
I don’t think that I could have anticipated how electric the atmosphere would be at the MoonWalk starting line in Hyde Park. There were performers on stage getting us pumped us with dances and well known songs. There were stations for temporary tattoos, free massages, food, and water inside a huge pink tent. There were street performers from the Nottingham Hill Carnival available for you to get your picture taken with and seeing the groups of the women getting ready in all of their decorated bras was great. It was enough to keep your energy levels high!

Around 11.00 pm they began to get all 17,000 of us warmed up with a workout. Then they started sending us out in our colour groups to the starting line and setting us on our way. The path that we took was fully signed and had volunteers along the way cheering you on as you went around which is definitely needed at mile 21! We walked past all the great London sites such as Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, St Paul’s Cathedral, The Tower of London, Houses of Parliament, Sweaty Betty Kings Road 125 and over Tower Bridge.

It took us seven and a half hours to complete the 26.2 mile walk and there were definitely points during the walk I thought I was sleep walking. The weather was very cold and I couldn’t believe how many women walked the complete distance in just their bras.

I am unsure if I will do the MoonWalk again but it has definitely prepped me for my Hadrian’s Wall Walk at the end of the month and many more of the events I have planned for rest of the year. I would definitely recommend women wanting to challenge themselves raise money for a good cause and dress up with their friends to do the MoonWalk!
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