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USA Boutiques: The Journey

posted on Thursday, 18th July 2013 | find under Tamara, Nutrition
The leases have been signed, the new collection ordered and UK-based managers are packing their bags preparing to relocate to the East Coast. It’s finally happening: Sweaty Betty boutiques are arriving in the USA!
The first US boutique will be in SoHo. It was one afternoon sitting in Mercer Street Kitchen that made us determined to open a boutique in SoHo. We were watching New York’s beautiful women walking by – and that was when we knew Sweaty Betty belonged at the heart of New York’s fashion district.
It's been a long journey. Two years ago we launched the US website, soon followed by a catalogue launch and a Roadshow in the Hamptons. When we arrived in the Hamptons, we fell in love with the active lifestyle. Yoga, surfing, pilates - they did it all. I was even able to do one of my favourite water sports, Stand Up Paddleboarding, in Long Island Sound.
We were so inspired by the Hamptons’ fitness gurus Tracy Anderson and Colleen Saidman Yee that we asked them to become Ambassadors. Luckily, they weren’t the only ones excited about our move state-side – following a Press Day at Exhale Spa on Central Park, the New York Times wrote, “we got a fierce fitness vibe from the British fitness line Sweaty Betty.”
The hunt for the perfect location was on. Two years later, we have found our perfect places: urban SoHo and leafy green Greenwich. We’re sending the best and brightest of our UK team to open the boutiques and bring Sweaty Betty spirit to the States.
It’s hard to believe that it was fifteen years ago we first opened the boutique in Notting Hill. Even back then, many of our first customers were active American women who loved the collections and the lifestyle. Fifteen years later, they don’t have to come to the UK for the full boutique experience – they can get it at home in New York and Conneticut.
The Roadshow comes to New York City starting August 1 and weaving its way to Montauk, Stamford, Bridgeport  and the Hamptons, to name a few. The team will be visiting local studios and gyms throughout the area and hosting pop-up shops as we go along. Any recommendations? We’d love to hear your thoughts. 
By Anonymous - 29th July 2013
Come to Atlanta, please!!!!!
Our Us Road Show Schedule, And More
By Sweaty Betty - 26th July 2013
We're so glad you're looking forward to SB's arrival as much as we are! Thank you for the recommendations - we'll be busy building the SoHo boutique throughout August, but our Road Show will be travelling the Hamptons if you get a chance to stop by! You can see the full schedule here: http://www.sweatybetty.com/us/us-road-show-schedule-artlroadshow_schedule/
Please Consider West Hartford, Ct
By Anonymous - 25th July 2013
West Hartford would be a great town for a pop up shop!!!!
Yoga In The Hamptons Summer 2013!
By Anonymous - 24th July 2013
Swing by Mandala Yoga in Amagansett on your way to Montauk!
Sweaty Betty Obsessed!
By J King - 24th July 2013
Please please please be somewhere in NYC August 1-3!! I discovered your brand about a year ago and have been fairly obsessed since then. I just stumbled upon the news that you are coming to the US and will happen to be in NYC in a few weeks. I'd love to know where you will be so I can FINALLY shop in person. Yay! Can't wait. I used to be a Lululemon junky, but once I went Sweaty Betty I've hardly been back. Love love love SB!
So Excited
By Emily - 23rd July 2013
So excited to hear your coming to the USA . I live in omaha Nebraska and I'm on way to getting my yoga certification. Hoping you expand to the Midwest as soon as possible. Right now all we have is a lululemon and omaha is looking pretty generic all of a sudden you will see at least 2 women wearing the same top in a class. Cheers to your companies success in the US hope to see you soon in the heartland of America!
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