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Twelve Days of Christmas - Part 7/12 - Keep Well!

posted on Wednesday, 9th December 2009 | find under 
Ain't no point in going to a party if you've got the sniffles! Don't think that you can party here, party there and not let it take a little toll on your bod!! When Winter is here vitamin C and a little echinacea love are what a Betty needs to get through without having a tissue as a permanent fixture to your nose!


I quite like the powdered versions of vitamin C that you can get, just pop it into a glass of water and it's like having your own little sherbet drink - delish!! You can definitely get some from Holland and Barrett and other good health stores. Take it twice a day too, your body can only process a certain amount of vitamin C at a time and it gets rid of the rest, so don't be wasting it all in one go.



And of course a few drops of echinacea is great to give your immune system a wee boost! Naturally both shold be well supplemented with eating right and plenty of rest, you know the drill Betties!


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Joslyn on Twelve Days of Christmas - Part 7/12 - Keep Well!
By Joslyn - 28th September 2010
'Tis delicious!!!
Linda on Twelve Days of Christmas - Part 7/12 - Keep Well!
By Linda - 28th September 2010
I'll give the sherbet drink a go! x
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