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Top 10 reasons for women to run

posted on Friday, 10th June 2016 | find under Fitness
Other than new kit (hello new summer arrivals), there are a number of reasons why women should take up running. From helping fight stress, to healthier pregnancies and lowering the risk of cancer (we can go on), lacing up your trainers has countless benefits. Plus, if all else fails the motivation of new sports bras, reversible printed leggings and bright blue sweat-wicking tops will have you sprinting to the finish line in no time. 

why women should runModel Karol wears the Dive In Bikini Top and Kicker Run Capri

1. You’ll burn more calories

Running burns more calories per minute than almost any other exercise.

2. It fits into a busy lifestyle

Running is a workout you can do anytime, anywhere. Whether you’re on holiday, a busy parent or working full time all you need to go running is your trainers and gear. This means you'll always be able to fit in a run without having to make time-consuming trips to the gym.

3. It’s free!

You don’t need a gym membership or fancy equipment – just a pair of good quality trainers and a well-fitting sports bra. We recommend trying the Ultra Run Bra and a pair of Asics trainers (try the trainer guide to find the perfect fit). After you’ve invested in these you're sorted, though the pull of new summer running gear is always there. 

4. You’ll lower your risk of breast cancer

A 10-year study of more than 25,000 women by the University of Tromoso in Norway found those who did a vigorous activity like running at least four hours a week were 37 per cent less likely to develop breast cancer than sedentary women. Protection was also higher for those who exercised regularly and consistently, compared to those who stopped and started fitness regimes.

5. You’ll ease period pain and PMS

Research shows that short, sharp running sessions are effective at easing period pains (more so than long, slow jogs). It’s thought running helps menstrual cramps by altering the balance of prostaglandins in the body, which increase pain sensation and make nerves more sensitive.

6. You’ll have a healthier pregnancy and birth

Research shows that women who run tend to have higher-birth-weight babies. Runners are also less susceptible to early health problems than sedentary women. Women who exercise during pregnancy also report higher energy levels and better sleep, and are less likely to have gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia and varicose veins.

7. You’ll boost your brainpower

Strenuous running enhances blood flow and oxygen levels to your brain, improving your mental ability, memory and decision-making process. Researchers at the University of Illinois tested a group of 18 to 24-year-olds by giving them a computer task to do after a rest period. Following the running, the group completed their task faster and more accurately.

8. You’ll reduce your risk of heart disease

Running is an effective way to lose excess body fat, lower blood pressure, raise good cholesterol levels and reduce your risk of diabetes – the four main causes of heart disease.

9. You’ll get ‘runner’s high’

Running releases plenty of endorphins (our body’s natural feel-good chemicals), which can ease low mood and anxiety, and help reduce stress levels.

10. You’ll stay youthful

A 21-year study from Stanford University showed that runners suffer fewer disabilities, stay active for longer and halve their risk of an early death.

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