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There's definitely a secret, right?

posted on Tuesday, 12th April 2011 | find under 
When January 1st comes round, or indeed the first day of the month, or 6 weeks before a holiday the statement is made – “I need to lose weight!”  This is followed by a flurry of flicking through magazines, getting side-tracked by headlines like drop a dress size in 3 days and what X did to get her body back just 3 weeks after having a baby!  Along with having a career, spending time with friends, doing some good for the world and all round being a swell girl, all that we see if PRESSURE!!!  I must lose weight.  I must look perfect!  What’s the secret??

Well in truth, isn’t really a secret.  It’s the boring, no bells and whistles - eating right and exercising with a little discipline thrown in. Oh and incidentally, whilst everyone is busy looking for “the secret” the simple option is busy getting results.  So we need to acknowledge that eating right most of the time, and exercising regularly will get you results. 

Losing weight must be for you and nobody else, this is one of the most important things to remember if you are to succeed.  Aim to be in the best shape, for you, in your life right now.  Wishing you had Jennifer Aniston’s body takes the focus away from yourself.  Much like if you are driving a car but nosing at what the person in the car next to you is doing, you’re not going to get to your destination.  And if you were in the best shape you could possibly be for you right now, you wouldn’t even be thinking about anybody else’s body and your desire to have it. 

And yet, I get letters from readers telling me they are exercising 4-5 times a week and watching what they eat and not losing weight anymore?  Within the simple rules, there are many contributory factors for continuing weight loss.  Exercise isn’t just exercise, and food isn’t just about counting calories!

Stay tuned for the hierarchy of fat loss!!...
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