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The RECCO® Rescue System Lowdown

posted on Wednesday, 8th November 2017 | find under Fitness, Travel
To assist with keeping you safe on the slopes all of our skiwear contains RECCO® reflectors, a two part mountain rescue system. Designed specifically to perform rapid searches for missing people in the outdoors year-round, here's the lowdown on this innovative tool.

recco reflectorModel wears the Giant Bobble BeanieUphill Ski Jacket and Astro Softshell Salopettes

What is it?

Accident on the mountain? Not to worry the RECCO® system was created in the 70s to assist mountain rescue teams in searching for people who get lost in the outdoors. With this in mind, it consists of two parts: a reflector integrated into clothing, boots and helmets; and a detector used by organised rescue teams.

How does it work?

This two part system works on a radar technology signal basis.

Part one: The RECCO® reflector, which you will find in your Sweaty Betty ski jackets, all-in-one's and salopettes is a small piece of material which contains a pair of foil aerials, joined by a diode.

Part two: The RECCO® detector, used by fully trained mountains rescue teams. It sends signals which can locate the reflector. These detectors are now standard equipment with more than 700 ski resorts, mountain rescue teams, and parks worldwide.

If you're lost the rescue teams use the detector to send signals to the reflector. Once they reach this it bounces back to the detector and warns the user of the detector about the location of the reflector. The maimum  range of this two piece system is 200m through air and 30m through snow however and can be affected by the moisture content of snow and the orientation of the search device.

What do RECCO® reflectors look like?

Don't worry they aren't even noticeable, weighing less than 4g and measuring around 2 x 6 cm. They do not have to be turned on or charged and can be washed multiple times due to their unlimited lifespan. You'll usually find them on the sleeve of your ski jacket and on the leg of any ski pants

Though please note...

The RECCO® rescue system does not prevent you from any avalanche accident nor does substitutes avalanche transciever! If you decide to enter the area outside of the ski resort bounds they aren't a safety guarantee. 

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