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Team SB tries Dragon Boating

posted on Friday, 21st June 2013 | find under Tamara, Nutrition
Recently, Team SB participated in Marlow's annual Dragon Boat Race. Georgie, Roadshow Manager and now a keen dragon boater, gives us her take on the event.

On the spur of the moment I replied to one email asking for volunteers to join Marlow boutique’s Dragon Boat Team and I was suddenly a rower. Not entirely sure what I was getting myself into or what a dragon boat race even was, I signed one of my Sundays away, all because of that one little word: race.

It would appear that I was not the sole volunteer tempted by the word. As Team SB took to the water on our first – and only – practice evening, the Thames’ somewhat tranquil waters were torn apart by our frantic paddles and cries of, ‘In, in, in!’ Two things were made clear that evening: one,  that we all came to win, and two, we all had the strength to win. We just had to master the technique. Our kind mentor taught us the three core laws of dragon boating – timing, reaching and timing. As somewhat soggier versions of ourselves left the practice, we all committed these three laws to memory. We were set on winning the dragon boating trophy.
As the big day dawned, our thirst for the trophy grew. We were Team SB, a boat full of women whose lives are fulfilled by exercise, and we had to win. Sadly for us, the women of Marlow proved us wrong. All guns blazing, we threw ourselves at our first race and came a dismal third. Out of three.
It was time for Team SB to regroup. The first defeat only fuelled the team’s energy for the next 4 races. With each race we only grew stronger, climbing the ranks from third to second to first until we were in the Women’s Final. I cannot begin to describe the focus felt in the boat before this race.  As our paddles slinked into the water and we pulled back with all our strength, you could tell we weren’t going down without a fight. Making our best time in our fifth race and losing only to the likes of Steve Redgrave’s wife, we knew why we all chose to race.
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