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Tamara's Scrapbook: Shooting the SS15 collection

posted on Tuesday, 23rd September 2014 | find under Tamara, Nutrition
Sweaty Betty's Creative Director Tamara always has one eye focused on the future and right now that's Sweaty Betty's Spring / Summer 2015 collection. Fresh-faced from a 5am photoshoot in Gunnersbury Park in London, Tamara explains the story behind the run, yoga and dance lines. 

The theme of the shoot is Social Butterfly. Social Butterfly is a metaphor for what we are trying to achieve, which is transformation from a state you weren't happy with to another more successful one. Which in our case is achieving empowerment through fitness.
Every season we have a creative brief we follow, to mix the fashionable side with the fitness and this time it is all about butterflies, the real ones and the social ones. We looked at how today’s ‘social media butterflies’ – the Suki Waterhouses, Cara Delevingnes, Jourdan Dunns - are transforming themselves through the use of social media into celebrities. They’re cool British models, often quite eccentric and leading their lives how they want to. The idea of this shoot was to picture this social butterfly in her home environment; part faded-grandeur, part youthful innocence and part festival hedonism.
Alongside this we have the real butterflies. The way we’ve looked at butterflies is more about looking at what lies beneath. We’ve looked at the skeletal side, blowing up the wing structures so you get more of an abstract print. Our Run Statement collection is actually inspired from bug eyes in microscopic detail using incredible colours and blown into different proportions. It’s looking at the butterflies in a different way.

We’re shooting in Gunnersbury Park in London, where the buildings are all grand but also a bit shabby and faded with paint peeling off the walls. We wanted to photograph the social butterfly ‘doing her thing’. The actual representative element of the butterflies is coming through on the prints, colours and transparency of the fabrics.

Yesterday we were shooting yoga and dance with a dancer from the English National Ballet, Madison Keesler, a beautiful Californian girl who has been dancing 40 hours a week since the age of ten. She was just dreamy to watch. The theme of the dance line is very much focused on the cocoon stage of butterflies before they come out of their chrysalis - the rehearsal before performance.  With lots of knitted layers and warm up clothing, we’re calling it our rehearsal wear. We just let Madison twirl her way across the field in front of the house, which was great to watch.

We shot our yoga collection too, a mixture of lifestyle images with quirky slogans like ‘You give me butterflies’ on loose, raw edged vest tops alongside streamlined performance yoga pieces.

Today we’re doing more performance technical wear so it’s all about running and outdoor training. We were up at 4am this morning in order to be here at 5 to start shooting at 6 for sunrise. The backdrop of a calm, mirror-like misty lake created a beautiful contrast with the fluoro hoodies in front. Neil our photographer is using his skateboard too so we can get some great motion photos.

Watch out for the second part of Tamara's blog on the Spring Summer shoot coming soon on the Sweaty Betty blog. The Spring / Summer collection will be out in shops from January 2015. 
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