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Psychic or what?!

posted on Friday, 15th January 2010 | find under Fitness

So I visited Mikey, the psychic, on Tuesday night this week. Trying to find out what 2010 might have in store (or out of store?!) for me.... after the first tarot card had been turned, Mikey said "You need to do Yoga, Emma!"

Well, blow me down.... a man who had only just been introduced to me gave me this advice, unaware (or maybe not?!) that every piece of literature I have read about running recently says to mix it up with Yoga.
So the evidence is too strong to avoid (he also said I eat too much bread. Right again!) And the very next day I joined the office yogis to do a session of power yoga. Great it was too! Will it help the running? I will let you know.
The best news is that our Fit4Free campaign starts next week and I am already excited at joining the free yoga classes at several of our stores. It will allow me to try out different styles of yoga in different locations and also supplement my training for the kilomathon, which I hasten to add has fallen a little by the wayside with the recent weather.
I'm finding it quite lonely running at the moment so am definitely going to join some Fit4Free running clubs too. What with these and the yoga classes, I should be pretty much on the road to fitness for the race in March.... I will keep you posted..
And as for eating too much bread.... well a girl's got to have some vices hasn't she? One step at a time, Mikey, please. Think the Yoga is enough for me to be going along with for now...

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