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On location with Sweaty Betty: the Tomboy collection takes off in Norfolk

posted on Thursday, 30th July 2015 | find under Nutrition
Join Sweaty Betty on location in this behind-the-scenes look at the new Tomboy collection, and watch as our models take to the runway. A predictable place to showcase the latest collection, you might think. Think again. Our latest location was no warm studio with spotlights, but a disused airfield at RAF Coltishall, in the heart of rural Norfolk.

Norfolk Airfield Sweaty Betty

Models, photographers, lighting crew and producers arrived, excited to experiment with the stripped back location and to let Mother Nature guide the day. The focal point? A strip of concrete decorated unintentionally with oil slicks and tyre tracks – the perfect reflection of the bold prints in our latest, most daring collection.

Tomboys put up a fight

In gale force winds of 50mph+, our enthusiastic and spirited models embraced fashion in action, despite being completely exposed to the elements. We started by building a skate park out of old tyres and cable and got Stefani, our skateboard model, into position. In the freezing conditions, her need to keep warm, battle through and strike the right poses inspired her impressive drive and resilience. These qualities are evident in the resulting shots, which epitomise the tomboy character central to the new collection. Stefani was particularly inspired by the Ditsy print from the Sports Luxe range of the collection (launching Thursday 27 August) – reminding her own love for doodling. Look out for these playful pop art pieces, coming soon.

Sweaty Bety Ditsy Print

When an afternoon hailstorm forced us into the on-site warehouse, it was our dance model Karis’s turn to step up. Responding to the new nickname of ‘Tiny Dancer’ (she looked so small in the vast space), Karis’s inner strength brought light and energy to a stark and bare backdrop. The lighting was dark and moody, with the occasional slice of light jutting through windows and chinks in the abandoned building.

Sweaty Betty Norfolk Dance

Model Karis wears To the Beat Dance Leggings, Pirouette Dance Cami and Open Turn Dance Vest

From great resistance comes great resolve

Sweaty Betty Tamara Hill-Founder

Tamara stays in good spirits during a long, cold day on shoot

Our fitness and yoga models were equally exposed to the challenging conditions. With a beautiful stretch of coastal path located near the airfield, we rose in the early morning to capture the low light of the sky so reminiscent of Venice Beach in California. The sandy beach was unprotected from a stiff sea breeze, against which our yogi Agnieska and runner Nadia were effectively able to hold their own. From advanced headstands to full throttle sprints, both of our models tested their strength in the face of nature’s own resistance and came out feeling strong and proud of the moments captured on camera.

Sweaty Betty Tomboy Run Pro

Model Nadia wears Compression Sleeves, Challenge Run Shorts and Track Ready Run Jacket

Shop the Tomboy collection today, and share your own behind-the-scenes training moments with @sweatybetty on Instagram and Twitter. Remember the pursuit of perfection takes place one mistake at a time – wobbly headstands and breathless sprints welcome.
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