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New Sweaty Betty concessions launch in exhale

posted on Wednesday, 22nd October 2014 | find under Fitness
This Thursday in the US, Sweaty Betty celebrates the first time select products will be stocked outside of its boutiques, and the chosen destination for this exciting next step is premier barre and yoga studio exhale. Exhale members across seven exhale locations will now be able to shop Sweaty Betty’s most popular dance and yoga pieces, updating their workout wardrobes with premium fabrics and statement prints as they come and go to their favourite classes or unwind with one of exhale’s mind and body treatments.   

To coincide with the launch of this new concession, Sweaty Betty talks to exhale founder Annbeth Eschbach about the principles behind her innovative fitness and wellbeing programmes. 

exhale founder Annbeth

What’s exhale’s point of difference compared to other US fitness studios? 
Everything we do at exhale must meet two criteria: activating the mind and body and contributing to a transformational process. For example, if you participate regularly in our core fusion classes you will develop long lean thighs, a lifted butt, washboard abs – and you would also emerge with a deep sense of peace and relaxation. Before every class we encourage students to clear their mind of thoughts and focus on their breath, reacting intuitively to new physical sensations throughout the session. 
What opportunities do clients have to progress their fitness when training at exhale?  
We don't believe in being a one trick pony. We believe that in order to deliver on our promise for transformation we need to offer a variety of experiences. Transformation only happens when you shake things up, confuse the muscles and experience new things. For this very purpose, we introduce a new class and a new therapy almost every year.

What exhale class do you most enjoy taking at the moment, and why?  
I love exhale’s newest class: Core Fusion Extreme (CFX). It’s a HIIT class that moves through power stations consisting of high intensity work with brief moments of active recovery, including balance, flexibility and stretch exercises. This hour of power incorporates gliders, heavy hand weights, a plyo box, core balls, TRX suspension training, cardio explosions and intense core work to push your limits. 

Can you describe the lifestyle you promote for your team and your clients? 
From the moment we gave life to exhale, we knew that we needed to work from the inside out to build and sustain a special wellbeing brand. We needed to put processes around our intentions to ensure the consistent delivery of the exhale brand promise. So back in 2003, the founding team made a commitment to our vision and mission and crafted a set of “core values” that define all our behaviours and protect our uniquely soulful culture. We live by our mantras and believe that we can make a difference and accomplish more by being present, honest, engaged, collaborative, positive and authentic.
Which outfit from the current Sweaty Betty season are you most excited about? 
We are so excited Sweaty Betty is now available at exhale! I love the Off Beat Dance Leggings and Mukha Yoga Vest, but I look forward to each new season because every Sweaty Betty piece is the perfect combination of flattering, fashionable and technical. It’s a great new relationship for exhale because Sweaty Betty shares our aspirational drive for holistic wellbeing.  
Sweaty Betty is now stocked in the following Exhale Spa locations: Upper East Side NYC, Central Park South NYC, Back Bay Boston, Miami Florida, Dallas Texas, Venice Beach California and Santa Monica California. 

exhale core fusion class

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